Dear Families,

We had such exciting weather this week!  I got to see first hand how quickly the rain changes things here in Oman.  We also understand that it caused some internet issues for students working from home and hope that these will be short lived.  Teachers share their weekly plans and links to Seesaw and other learning each Sunday morning, so children can still catch up and follow along even if they missed an online class.  Our attendance continues to remain strong and I congratulate all students and their families for their diligence and principled approach towards online learning.  Let’s keep this up for the remainder of the school year!

The government has announced the official start date of the Eid holiday will be Wednesday, May 12.  We will wait to hear whether the holiday will end on Saturday or extend until Monday, and as soon as that has been announced ABIS will inform parents via Newsflash. In the meantime, please make note of the short week next week, students will only attend online classes on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Thank you.

When students return to classes after the Eid break, teachers will start to focus on summarizing learning over the year.  There may be online assessments, projects and other ways that teachers are evidencing growth and learning over the course of Semester 2. Please be sure to read the Sunday emails from teachers carefully and support your child in completing tasks, submitting work and actively engaging in learning online. It has been a strange year for all of us, learning in so many different ways, but plenty of learning has still occurred.  This is especially true in the ATLs: Approaches to Learning, which include: Research Skills, Communication Skills, Self Management Skills, Thinking Skills and Social Skills.  The many changes and challenges throughout the year have helped students and teachers to promote important learning in all of these areas, and to develop important skills that transfer into all subjects.

I wish a very happy Eid Mubarak to all families who are celebrating.  Please stay safe and healthy over the holiday. Maeve