Dear parents,

Another week online and all is moving ahead smoothly. When you read through the grade level posts in today’s broadcaster, there is good evidence that students and teachers are working well together in their learning journey. We do not know how long we will be online, but with the shorter timetable it is hoped that students are finding it easier to manage their time and study.

We are still waiting for next years school calendar to be confirmed by the Ministry of Education, and hope it will be released soon.

I am very pleased to say that we had no further instances of Covid-19 in our staff and have heard of no cases among our students.  As always, we encourage everyone to practice all prevention measures.

We are now looking towards next year and would encourage all parents to share with their friends our new entry ages for KG 1 (3.2), KG 2 (4.2) and Grade 1 (5.2). Admissions is open, please click here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dominic Robeau