Dear Families,

I would like to thank all of you who attended the student led conferences this week.  We had an amazing turnout and there were excellent conversations held about learning across all grades. Students developed stronger communication skills as they found ways to demonstrate their learning in an online format.  I hope that you learned something new about your child’s achievements and are clear about the next steps for learning during the last few months of the school year. Please continue to have conversations with your child at home in order to support them in their learning and be aware of their participation in online classes and completion of learning tasks.  As always, if you have questions or require support, contact your child’s teachers or me.

Online learning has continued successfully this week.  It has been impressive to see our students jump seamlessly back to classroom meetings, completing assignments via Seesaw, navigating timetables and using a variety of technical tools to support their learning and communication online.  While online learning is not our preferred style, it must be noted that students learned new skills and knowledge because of this new approach to learning. Creative and critical thinking skills have improved dramatically, as well as independence and organization.  Our youngest learners, Kindergarten 1, 2 & 3 students, have begun to develop these skills and are already demonstrating growth and success after only their first full week online.  We would like to sincerely thank all parents and family members who are providing support from home; we know it is a challenge for many. I would also like to thank all ABIS teachers for their dedication to providing a quality education to our students no matter the circumstances.  Well done to all.

Do you have any friends or colleagues with school aged children?  ABIS is looking forward to the next school year and we would love to welcome new families to our community.  Our new Kindergarten structure aligns us with the Ministry of Education age and grade guidelines, and our new fee structure offers discounts to Omani families.  Please do not hesitate to share our contacts with anyone who may be interested in our programs.   Ms. Eiman Al Risi:  Maeve Doherty:

Ramadan Kareem to all families who are acknowledging this holy month.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Maeve