Dear Families;

As you know, yesterday and today ABIS students and teachers returned to online learning. Teachers and students have been working through a few technical glitches and changes that have been made in Google Meet since January.  It has been amazing to see how easily most students were able to adapt back to online learning again.  Their independence, computer skills and confidence in working together in this way made this new transition smooth and positive.  We appreciate the patience and support given by parents and family members at home as students practice new routines and set up learning spaces at home.  Please continue to communicate with us if we can support learning at home in any way.

Next week we will host Student Parent Teacher conferences online.  This is an important conversation to be part of and you will receive more details about the format and what to expect from your child’s teacher. Primary students are learning to be actively involved in their own learning, reflecting on their accomplishments and setting goals for the next steps of their academic journeys. They will share these with you as well as some examples of best work to demonstrate their growth. Please put aside these important 15 minutes to have these conversations with your child, supported by his/her teacher in order to fully support learning from home. If you have not yet booked an appointment, please do so here:               Google Meet Conference Schedule: April 13 & 14

Classroom assistants and teachers have been busily preparing packages of materials to send home in order to support student learning at home. These will vary according to age and grade, but will contain important items to make online learning easier for everyone.  These packs can be picked up at the front gate of ABIS anytime between 8am and 2pm on Sunday, April 11. Please do your best to make arrangements for this.

Next week we will await the announcement for the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Our online schedule has already moved to shortened days, as originally planned for the fasting period. Next week’s schedule will be the same: 8:20am attendance check and classes running until 2pm every day. This does not mean that your child is on the screen for 6 hours every day!  Teachers are checking in at the start of every class, teaching and giving instructions as appropriate for the age of the students, and assigning learning tasks that students can work on away from their iPads or computer screens. Please encourage your child to follow these carefully considered routines as closely as possible every day. Not only will learning be easier for students if they are checking in with teachers regularly throughout the day, but they will also have the safe structure of routine, as well as the social emotional support of being in a group and making connections with their friends and teachers every day.  Many recent studies have proven the importance and benefits of having routine and social connections to maintain wellness.

Here is an article that may help you to set up healthy routines for your family at home: Parenting in a Pandemic

Part of the programming teachers have constructed includes movement breaks, and many of these involve music and some physical activity. We understand that fasting students may choose to refrain from these activities during Ramadan.  If there is a movement activity that your child wishes to refrain from, please allow them to turn their sound off, have a rest, and rejoin the class when appropriate.

As always, please contact us here at school if we can support you and your child in any way. Maeve