Well it’s hard to believe that there is only one week to go in what has been a very unusual and trying year. It has been great to see so many students engaging in learning opportunities right up until the last minute. It is also great to see so many parents who are supporting their children to do this.

I am sure you have discovered things about yourselves and your children that you might never have had the chance to do previously. You have had the wonderful opportunity to see your children as students! We have had the opportunity to see the growth in your children as they develop so many new skills under your guidance.

As a school we will be looking at what was most successful about our Distance Learning Programme and how we can integrate this into our every day classroom teaching for the next academic year. As with all new things there has been ups and downs, successes and failures but what is most important is that we learn from these as parents, students and educators.

Teachers will be sharing with you ideas for summer learning. These are not requirements and nor will teachers be available for feedback but the break is a long one. We suggest you and your children take a break and just enjoy being together without having to meet learning deadlines as currently set by teachers. However, it is a good idea to continue to read to and with your children, for them to continue to read and to practice their maths basic facts. We hope that your children will continue to make use of the many free online options offered at the moment. Next week I will share a list of these with you.

Happy weekend and stay safe!