It was a short but busy week in science. We had grade 4 visit the lab for some lab work. They were learning about microscopes so came by to use ours and to look at some objects up close.

In grade 12 the week has been dominated by student Internal Assessments. These reports on their independent experiments are a critical part of their final grades in Biology and Chemistry. I’ve given editing feedback to chemistry students. I will give the same information to the biology students next week.

Speaking of reports, grade 11 biology students have complete a class lab and are writing their first formal reports for me. These are due early next week. The experiment was on the effect of temperatures on the functioning of enzymes. Thy students worked well together to set up their apparatus, to maintain conditions and to collect their data.

That leaves grade 11 chemistry to tell you about. They have just finished their Standard Level unit on Atomic Structure. Thy have a formative quiz next week and then a week long Higher Level extension will be happening for the HL student. The other students will have some independent work they will need to be prepared for next week with a Topic Test the following week.

Enjoy your long weekend