We had a busy week starting with Mother Tongue Monday. As always we had great support from our parents. I love seeing the variety of activities and ideas that our mum and grandparents are sharing. Thank you for putting in so much thought and effort to make this a continual success.

There was a lot of colour for our house picnic this week. it’s always nice to see the students mixing across the ECC into Primary and into Secondary. It was great to see several mums and dads as well come and share lunch with their children. Look out for more Student Council run events coming your way soon!

Today I had the wonderful if somewhat scary job of helping supervise g8 Woodwork. What a pleasure to see these students stepping outside of their comfort zone. I was also outside my comfort zone! You can see the final products taking shape.

Grade 6 led our assembly today and shared their learning about the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Secondary Student Council shared their upcoming events with us.

Upcoming Events:

November 14: Progress Reports are issued

November 20th/21st: Three Way Conferences

Enjoy the long weekend. I’m off to enjoy the great outdoors of Oman by going camping.