22 students from grades 9-12 are in Muscat for MUN, Model United Nations, to practice their research and debate skills while addressing some of the most relevant world problems from the perspective of many nations around the world. We are so proud of their efforts and the support of their mentor and coach, Gary Goodwin. Additional thanks to Ms. Mekhala and Ms. Zuweina for their support.

IB DP students should be taking the extra day this weekend to work on final Extended Essay versions and university applications. There is no break in the foreseeable future, so support them at home and keep encouraging them to update their CAS reflections.

Grade 10s finished their IGCSE exam in Global Perspectives on Friday of last week. They will no transition that class time toward supporting their other classes, English and sciences.

After an unfortunate extended absence, Mr Mwita is returning with his family on Monday. We will be sure to welcome them with enthusiasm.

And now for a random photo from Grade 11 Math… on the unit of functions. Ask them; they can explain.