In Grade 3 we were shocked this week to learn how little freshwater there is on planet Earth. We found out that 97% of the water on Earth is salty. Understanding percentages and proportions is pretty new for us so we are learning quite a lot of Maths in this Inquiry too.

We did a demonstration to help us understand that only 3% of the water on earth is fresh. We thought 3% sounded pretty good, until we learned that 2% of that freshwater is actually frozen and people can’t access it. So compared to the big bucket with 19 litres of water in representing all the water on Earth, only one drop (1% ) is safe for people to drink.

From this we began to realise that water is a precious resource which we need to use responsibly.

To extend our understanding of evaporation and distillation we started an experiment to test what happens when different liquids are left in the sun. We made predictions about what would happen and are looking forward to seeing what is left when we return to school on Sunday. The ants seemed to like the sugar water. Although after some came to a sticky end we noticed that the number of ants attracted to the dish started to reduce.

As we delve further into the inquiry we are starting to ask some great questions and make connections between pieces of information.