Grade 12 Biology and Chemistry students have been busy. At this time, each student should have all their Internal Assessment data collected and organized. These were all due on 22 September so every student should be writing their IA report. These are due on 31 October which is coming up.

Our current Grade 12 Chemistry unit on Oxidation-Reduction reactions is nearing completion so by the middle of the week the Standard Level students will have some extra time in their schedule for about a week and a half while the Higher Level unit commences. We just need to see how to use electricity to refine metal ores. This will be a great time tow work on IAs, EES, University applications, etc.

Grad 12 HL students are in the midst of their genetics unit. We just learned how to perform a statistical test (Chi-Square Test) to determine if two experimental factors. This might come in handy in some IA analyses..

Grade 11 Chemists are currently in the thick of learning how to analyze chemical reactions. They are mastering the critical foundations of chemistry – they need to start living and breathing the mole. We have done lab work to determine percent yields and empirical formulas. They are nearly ready to move onto a study of the Gas Laws and will be finished with the Standard Level Unit.

Grade 11 Biology is finished with their unit on Cell Biology and will have a unit test next week before moving on to study biochemistry