Another fabulous week of exploration in KG3!

We have started each day with 20 minutes of movement. This week, we explored our different playgrounds. We used our imagination, developed strength and learnt how to communicate effectively with our friends.

Again this week in reading we are focusing on reading the picture. We know that good readers look for the details to support our understanding of new words. We are practicing pointing to each word as we read.

In our Unit of Inquiry, we are inquiring into How We Express Ourselves. We had a special visitor who helped us baking. Individually we created our happy face cookies.

In water-play, the communication skills the students used were amazing! They were negotiating who would take the next turn and discussing ways that they could get the water to flow in order to make a big long lake. Here’s some comments from the students

‘We are looking at how the water flows. We are making a river. We need to get the water to flow the right way!’ Seth

The sand is soft under my feet.’ Mariam

‘We are making a lake. We want it to go places.’ Naraina

‘I am working with my friends. They are helping me.’ Morcelo

‘I am looking at heavy and light! I made this one heavy.’ Maël

A great week!