At this time of year we always have a series of goodbyes (and hellos) and this year is no exception.

This year, there are a number of teachers who have decided head back home, all of them after extended periods of working as international teachers. Isgak and Rayda Jakobs and their family will be going to South Africa, Ann and Sebastien Gaillard to France, Ann Turton to the UK and Mohanned and Nisreen Barrakat and the children will be going back to their beloved Jordan. 

There is another group of teachers who are looking to continue their journeys and are moving on to other international schools. Abby Brewer and Jorge Lopez will be staying close by in Dubai with Abby taking some time away from teaching to be Mom. Todd Davis and Meghan Kenney are returning to Myanmar (Burma) to rekindle their love affair with this country, Sharan Dhami is off to Tokyo, Japan, Eletia is heading to Singapore and Luis Avilla is heading back to his side of the world and will be working in Paraguay.

We would like to wish all of them the very, very best. We are incredibly grateful for their contributions to the school, their commitment to the success of our students and the energy and efforts invested over and above what was expected. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with them.

We have been working hard all year to find wonderful teachers to join our team for next year and we are very happy to find a team of teachers that we believe will be wonderful additions. We have attached the new teacher’s profiles to this message and invite you to take a look! 

They are all incredibly excited about coming to Oman and joining our team.

New Staff Introductions PDF