Exhibition 2019

This week we had our Grade 6 students taking part in their Exhibition – the culmination of the Primary Years Programme. I hope you managed to come along and see what they have been involved in over the past 8 weeks and all of the hard work they have undertaken. A big thank you for your support of your children and for those of our parents that came in to offer our students a chance at first hand inquiry while they were on their journey through the central idea of

Math and Literacy Professional Development

Our teachers have also been engaged in Math and Literacy Professional development on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It has been an exciting few days with lots of learning, laughter and love of students.

Mother Tongue Monday next week Monday, 6th May.

We look forward to seeing you in LC1 at 8.20 for the second to last time for this year. We also would like to ask that if you have any books in your mother tongue that you would like to donate to the school library please bring them along on Monday or on the last Mother Tongue Monday session on June 3rd.

Ramadan Guidelines

As an international school focused on student learning, ABIS will operate normally during Ramadan, though we will take some special measures to respect and support our Omanis and host country. We will contact our Muslim families about these arrangements very shortly. In general the school will run a regular schedule and timetable, though we will operate an ‘optional’ shorter day (12.40pm) for students who are fasting.

We ask parents to keep us informed of any special cases or issues that we need to be aware of so that we can be as culturally sensitive and supportive as possible. We hope that all children, staff and parents will be dressed respectfully when entering the school during the holy month of Ramadan.

1) Fasting students will be given ‘optional locations’ to go to where they can meet and pray, especially at lunch and break times, or when they would normally have music or dance.

2)There will be no requirement for any fasting student to participate in any practical music lessons, dance, sports or exercise. Students may be asked to attend a theory based lesson as long as they have adequate (at least one period) rest time per day.

3) Fasting students will be expected in school until 12:40-1.20pm or til the end of the day. We would expect the oldest students to participate for the whole day if this is manageable. Parents should collect their children if they are finishing school early.

4) Non fasting students and staff will be asked to show respect for other fasting students when eating and drinking and dressing.

5) Out of respect there will be no public singing and dancing performances, though music, dance and PE classes will go on as usual for non fasting students in their regular places.

6) External exams (Grade 10 and 12 only) are run internationally meaning that students are required to take them at the allocated time. Other exams and tests will be scheduled with as much as consideration as possible by the school, though fasting students may still be required to sit examinations in the afternoon. If this is the case, the school will allocate rest and recovery times for students before these exams.  

Whilst the school is very respectful of student fasting, we are hopeful that it lwill be done in a way appropriate to age of the student so that they do not endanger their health. We have been informed that partial fasting, or fasting whilst partaking of water may be normal for younger children, who are learning to fast. In the Primary school, we will assume your child is not fasting, unless you have informed the class teacher that they are.