Middle Years G7 – G10

Students in grades 7-10 are on the road to adolescence and we endeavor to participate in laying down the foundation for the best life choices they will have to make in the near future.

Our middle years programme provides the bridge between the primary and secondary programmes offered at ABIS. The purpose is to build on knowledge and skills developed in the PYP while preparing students for the IGCSE and IB Diploma, both which assess students using externally set and modified exams and coursework. Our students will eventually be evaluated and compared to the members of their international cohort.

It is thus our priority to further foster their independence as learners, refine their knowledge and skills and ensure they continue to develop as well-rounded individuals. In secondary, we still focus on the whole child. We have a house advisory system in place which ensures that each child belongs to someone even though the core of their academics is no longer the responsibility of a homeroom teacher. While specialist teachers may focus on the content of their courses, their main concern is still helping students manage their time efficiently and know themselves as learners.

Learning takes place in the Secondary Learning Suite; ABIS is committed to a family-like environment and we are dedicated to the needs of the individual student.