City Centre is a good place to start together with The Safeer Mall  when shopping in Sohar.  City Centre features a full sized Carrefour Hypermarket for all of your day to day needs. Lulu Hypermarket is located next to Palm Gardens. Most of our teachers and parents do their shopping at either of these places, although there are a number of smaller grocery shops throughout Sohar, and more are popping up each day.

Additionally, some teachers choose to shop like the locals do, at some of Sohar’s outdoor markets, where you can get fruits and vegetables, and fresh seafood just off the boat.

There is a souq (market) in downtown Sohar where you can find a lot of products, like housewares and clothing, and also services, like getting your photos developed, or keys cut.

The Sohar/Al Batinah Gift Markets are a bit of an oddity.  Teachers at ABIS joke that the Gift Market has everything you didn’t know you needed, and it is not unheard of to walk out the door with bags and bags of items, ranging from the practical to the down right silly, that you had no plan whatsoever of buying.

When in need of a little retail therapy, many of us will make the short drives to either Muscat or Dubai. The shopping in Muscat is pretty good, but in Dubai it is world class. Whether it’s for the latest fashions or the latest gadgets, you won’t need to feel like you are doing without in Sohar.

Getting to Muscat