Cost of living in Oman

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How Far Will My Salary Go In Oman?



The cost of living in Oman, and in Sohar in particular, is relatively low.  There isn’t income tax in Oman, so your salary and your take home pay are the same. Your housing allowance will go a long way, as apartments and villas are affordable (Rent is more than 300% higher in Dubai). Food costs are low, as is the cost of petrol (An SUV can be filled with petrol for under $25 USD/ €20).

Teachers live comfortably, with most having money left over for traveling and substantial savings. Of course, that depends on you and the lifestyle you prefer. The Omani Rial is tied to the US Dollar, and sending money home is easy, either via a bank-to-bank transfer, or using remittance services like Western Union. Here are a few price comparisons (in USD) that might help put Oman in perspective (prices in Feb 2020):

  • Inexpensive Restaurant Meal: $7.79
  • Big Mac Extra Value Meal: $7.67
  • 333 ml of Coke/Pepsi: $0.52
  • Litre of Milk:$2.6
  • Gasoline: $0.57/litre
  • To give you an idea of grocery prices, have a look at the Lulu Hypermarket website 


Photo taken in Carrefour in Sohar

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Exchange Rates

The Omani Rial is fixed to the US dollar as are many of the currencies is in the Gulf region. Over the last couple of years the Omani Rial has fared very positively against other currencies. 

Similar developments have occurred to the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. This has been really good for all of us earning money here in Oman and has meant that the real value of our savings has increased. Who knows how long this will continue but long may it last!

Current Rates & Rate Development

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