Finding the right school is difficult

Why ABIS could be the right place to invest your talents…

Why should I consider ABIS?

Innovative learning environment

Wonderful students learning in a fantastic facility

Not for profit school focused on learning

At ABIS we put people before making a profit

A fantastic team of teachers & staff

Our staff is really supportive and full of energy & professional ideas

Lots of opportunities for growth

Our growing school is full of opportunities for great teachers

An innovative and dynamic learning environment


A place where you can be creative and innovative … as long as it helps students learn

We provide a child-centred and inquiry-based learning environment where the child is at the core of everything that we do.  At ABIS, we empower students to be successful learners for life. To ensure this we provide programmes that are motivating, supportive and individualised with strong connections to the community and host country.

A not for profit school focused on learning


We care about our students so much we want to spend every penny on them!

Our modern learning environment fosters continuous learning and teaching styles with a constructive blend of the old and new aided by technology and innovation. We challenge and inspire our students to become global citizens.

A fantastic team of teachers & staff


Working together to give the very best we can to our students

Our teachers are constantly striving to improve themselves and their teaching. Being a teacher at ABIS gives you the opportunity to help shape the growth of the school. If you like to roll up your sleeves and get involved, ABIS might just be the place for you.

Lots of opportunities for growth


We support all our teachers to become successful

We are a small school, with a driven and involved team.  Each of us takes on many roles and responsibilities throughout the school. Our teachers are passionate, committed and believe in the same learning pact as our students: Challenge yourself, Involve yourself, Be your best.

If you like being challenged then go and see if there is a post for you!


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