The spaces we learn in are important

Our Early Years Learning Environment

Al-Batinah International School seeks to provide an educational environment in which students can grow intellectually, physically and spiritually. We aim for students to become self-disciplined, experience success, feel a social and environmental responsibility, and appreciate their own and others’ artistic and cultural heritage. We aim to achieve these goals by employing dedicated and effective staff, by offering a rich curricular and extra-curricular programme, and by providing a world-class educational setting that supports learning.

It is our belief that the excellence of the teaching and administrative staff, are the necessary resources for the provision of a quality education that will enable students to successfully matriculate at their appropriate academic levels and aspire towards studying at the world’s top universities.

The school considers the development of skills in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics to be of key importance. Children’s growth in these skills is central to the mastery of the specific content area within the languages, arts, social studies, and sciences. The potential of each student is given further opportunity for expression in the visual and performing arts, physical education and extracurricular activities offered at the school.

The school believes that a meaningful sense of membership in the world community is a goal for each student. Thus we endeavour to internationalise the curriculum whenever possible and encourage the use of texts and materials from other countries. The school also offers a program in local culture and language and encourages members of the whole community to share national customs and traditions from around the world through programs with the student body.

The ongoing growth of each child in these different areas empowers them to become both citizens of their own county and the world, and are the heart of the purpose of the school. We believe that the accomplishment of these goals enables us to provide the kind of education that rewards the students, their families, and the various stakeholders who use our school.

 Challenge yourself, Involve yourself, Be your best