Noggle in Grade 5

This week we tried a new number activity called “Noggle”. Students had to use their knowledge of the order of operations to reach a target number. The possibilities were many!

Which One Does Not Belong?

This week in a number talk activity, students had to decide which picture did not belong and justify their choice. The yellow cylinder is an obvious one for color, but students found many other reasons why each of those shapes might not belong. Give it a try!

House Points

Students across school are still earning house points. We will continue to keep track in houses. Here is the current tally of points Keep showing off your use of good Approaches to Learning and your attributes of the Learner Profile. Here is to all of us doing good...

Distance Cooking

Over the past two weeks of distance learning students have made omelets and pancakes as a practical application of measuring skills. It’s been quite a hit with the students and we plan on more cooking and baking!