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The G4 students reported on the most important events that took place throughout the school year, their favorite moments, and the values, principles and skills that students learned this year and supported them for a new academic year.

Grade 4 Math

This week the students worked on questions covering a broad range of math topics to discover what concepts they are confident with and which require more review over the final weeks of school.

ABIS Community Iftaar Next Week: May 22nd

Although we are coming to the end of this school year, the Student Council has organized one last event: The ABIS Community Iftar. Since Ramadan is a chance for families to gather together, it only seems fitting that our ABIS family take the opportunity...

Number Talks

Number talks are a fantastic way to get students thinking about mathematics and how they solve problems. How did you get to the number seven?


The Community Council have organized a new event. A Charity Bazaar! An event where you can sell items that you may not need or use anymore. Keep in mind that the items MUST be in good condition, and small enough to transport. The event will take in place in the Gym on...