If you were lucky enough to attend our Talent Show last night I am sure you will agree with me that we certainly have a lot of up and coming talented students in our midst. We were treated to singing, tap dancing, gymnastics, sax playing, pianists, all led by four grade 6 students, Tina, Maria, Renee and Emma. Students as young as KG3 got our evening off to a fine start with displays of tap dancing and singing. This led into individual and team performances from across the grade levels.

A reminder, that as the weather cools, students are expected to wear sun hats. The school policy is “No Hat, No Play”. Those without hats will be asked to stay in the shade.

Lots of learning happening around the spaces. Grade Three are investigating the amount of fresh water on the planet – it is not a lot!

Grade 6 are looking at how they can spend their time with class buddies and planning using a Plus, Minus, Interesting chart.

Teachers have been engaged in a weekend workshop in terms of Evidencing Learning and Assessment. We will be putting this professional development to good use in our classroom practices and one of our new initiatives is the introduction of Se Saw as a tool share our learning journeys with you.

School is on for the full week next week.

Holidays begin on Friday 18th and School starts again on Sunday 27th.