Thanks to all of you who attended the parent Information Evening. It is always nice for teachers to be able to put faces to names and share their programmers. It also shows your children that you are interested in their learning and what is happening in their school and classes. Lessons have begun in earnest and initial assessments have been taking place.

As you all know if we do let exercise we lose muscle tone and fitness. If students don’t use their brains for reading and math then they will lose reading and math skills. After such a long break we can expect students to lose approximately 25% of their knowledge and understanding depending on subject area – equivalent to one to two months worth of learning. This applies to all subject areas. On this note you can expect some repeats of reading materials or math concepts to be sent home as part of homework. It also signifies the importance of starting school on time and lessening absences throughout the year.

This is a reminder about making sure your students wear sun hats, bring water bottles and have sun cream applied before coming to school.

Combined Initiative from Oman Sail & Al Batinah North Port

Oman Sail + North Al Batinah Port have combined to form a new initiative to sponsor 1000 children to take part in a 1km, 2km, 3km or 5km race on the same day as the Muscat Marathon. Students should be aged 8 or above.

Provided will be food, bags with t-shirts and goodies from sponsors

Names to Ms Simpson by Wednesday next week 11th September.

Training sessions 16th September, 16th October, 11th November in Sohar Stadium 

Approx 5.20-6.35 (arrive 5pm)

Specialist will come and teach stretching and how to get running

Parents can come and there will be separate seating for mums and dads who want to sit and watch them train OR you can train with your children.

Pick Ups after School

Just a reminder that if your child is in ECC to Grade 3 they should be collected from their classroom space or LC1 foyer. If an older sibling is collecting them then this will suffice. Please make sure your drivers are aware of this expectation as well. This is in the best interests of your child’s/children’s safety.

Other dates for your diary

ASA suggestion Survey will be given to students next week

Wednesday 11th, September Names to Ms Michelle for Muscat Marathon races

Thursday 12th September, back to School Coffee Morning. If you are new please come along and meet some returning staff members and have a coffee and catch up.

Wednesday 18th September, Community Dance will be held in the Mazoon at lunchtime

Thursday 19th September, International Dot Day

Sunday 22nd September, ASA’s will begin

Thursday 26th September, House Colours Assembly

Thank you to Grade 5 for leading today’s assembly about the Learner Profile.