Asking Difficult Questions... Finding Complex Answers

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

ABIS is an inquiry-based learning environment. Inquiry learning is a student-centered process started by the students or a teacher that moves the students from their current level of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding.

When inquiring, students are : 

  • exploring, wondering and questioning
  • experimenting
  • making connections between previous learning and current learning
  • making and testing predictions
  • collecting data and reporting findings
  • clarifying existing ideas and reflection
  • applying what they have learned
  • making and testing theories
  • researching and finding information
  • taking and defending a position
  • solving problems in many ways

(Making the PYP Happen)

Teachers help students inquire by providing

  • planned, direct and vicarious experiences that provide opportunities for students to pose questions and gather information
  • activities that help students organize new information and use skills in a way that assist them to form concepts and generalizations about their world
  • varied opportunities and methods for students to demonstrate what they have learnt
  • chances to apply the knowledge, skills and value in other subject areas

(adapted from Focus on Inquiry by Jeni Wilson and Lesley Wing)

Inquiry learning makes students practice the skills required to problem–solve and  continue learning with increasing independence. It not only teaches the children curriculum content, but also makes them aware of the skills they need to learn along with how and when to apply them. It is not only learning, but learning about learning!

 Challenge yourself, Involve yourself, Be your best