Becoming A 21st-Century Learner

The world that our children are growing up in is very different to the one that we inherited. Education needs  to prepare them for their world, not ours. Key to becoming a 21st-Century learner is becoming fluent in the use of technology, not just for fun and leisure, but to achieve goals.

At ABIS, we engage students on what it means to be citizens in the digital age, with emphasis placed on appropriate use of technology, and internet safety. A changing world means changing rules of conduct, and students need to be prepared before they can enter the world of technology.

1:1 iPads

Our network capabilities give us access to high speed wireless internet access across the campus.  We run a 1:1 iPad program for students in grades 3-10, where students incorporate technology into their learning. Students  are exposed to the iPad in kindergarten, and with class sets in every room, by the time they get to Grade 3, they are practically experts.  (Often knowing more than Mom and Dad!)

The iPad is, in our opinion, the perfect student tool, allowing students to plan, prepare, organize and present their classwork in a variety of ways.  Your child’s iPad will come pre-loaded with applications and content that is designed to guide and support them through the school year.